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Hello Fashion Friends! This blog includes my take on what key pieces we should be owning for each season.


I Feel Love...

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 4:00PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

I know that this might not be completely relevant to what my blog is about. However I have now seen the new Flora by Gucci advertisement and have been absolutely hypnotised every time. It is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on T.V. (well except for Chuck Bass perhaps). Thank you Mr. Cunningham

Have a look at it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRjf3kGytQA



Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 3:44PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

As we are quickly approaching Crhistmas it is always nice to give your other half something nice to look at. Or in my case, just to make yourself feel good. :-(

Stella McCartney Grace Walking Silk Chemise - Guarantee - one flash of this to your beloved, and you are sure to get whatever you want this Christmas ;-) Let the games commence. Stella McCartney £190

Philip Lim Tulle-Trim Silk-Blend Bra - Pretty in pink, so feminine it hurts. Philip Lim £65

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Balconette Bra - As sexy as it gets, even if you don't have a man, if the guys at the bar knew that you were wearing this under that pretty dress, they would all be sending you bouquets of red roses... Dolce & Gabbana £127

Miso Ruffle Pants - Ruffles=sexy. Lace=sexier. Ruffles+lace=sexiest - Miso £4.99


Scarf Galore

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 2:45PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

Scarfs are here to:

1. Keep us warm (of course)

2. Make for a perfect fashion accessory

3. If worn as a head scarf, can make us feel like Audrey Hepburn (or the Queen).

Oh and they are also pretty good for tying up robbers that might try to steal your telly!

Etro Pink Leafy Paisley Scarf- Inject a bit of colour with this stunner. It just has to be Etro - Etro £100

Matthew Williamson Printed Wool Scarf - This scarf could pretty much BE your entire outfit! It would look absolutely fantastic with all black due to the pop-ability of the colours. Matthew Williamson £195

Jonathan Saunders Silk Scarf with Print - Sexy colour. Will look amazing with the chinos mentioned earlier...- Jonathan Saunders £190

 Thomas Pink Beige Cashmere Jane Scarf - This is pretty much the camel coat in a scarf - one of those items that everyone should have in their wardrobe (it's the same colour too!) - Thomas Pink £99


Who Wears the Trousers?...

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 1:53PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

Whether for work or play, a good pair of trousers is essential. Quality is key when choosing trousers as cheap tailoring often looks just that.

 Vero Moda Casual Tailored Chinos - Chin-chin-chinos. You have no idea how long I have been searching for a pair of these! Yummylicious! :-) These are great with a pair of luscious heels or cool loafers. Definitely an investment for the wardrobe, be it winter or spring, these trousers will always have chic-appeal - Vero Moda £40

 Vanessa Bruno Cigarette Trousers - These are the kind of trousers that I would normally only admire from a distance due to the high retail price. However this pair is now available on Outnet which means SALE PRICES! Snap these up at an amazing £80! Click click done!

Moschino Cheap Chic Cotton-Twill Trousers - Another sale find! Another 80 pounder! Come on, don't waste your time reading! Buy before it's gone!! Moschino Cheap & Chic £80

Maggie Ward Champagne/Nude Zip Sweat Pants - Luxurious sportswear makes, believe it or not, for perfect evening wear. Team these with heels and a sexy (but simple) top and you should be ready to go. Maggie Ward £159


Sweat it out!

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 12:28PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

Aaaah knitwear! Pour moi, synonymous with sitting in front of the fire, surrounded by family, dressed in the cosiest Christmas jumper that money can buy. However, I'm not talking about coarsley knitted, snowman covered jumpers that your aunt has thrown together because she was too stingy to buy you a present... Oh no, I am talking about the smoothest cashmeres and the finest knits. Bring on the posh Christmas jumpers!

 Silence + Noise loose knitted jumper - The first thing that draws me to this beautifully soft jumper, is the deliciously, cupcake-like, pale blue colour. Mmm good enough to eat! Silence + Noise £40

 Jardin Des Orangers Long Cashmere Cardigan - Smooth as a baby's bottom! Need I say more? This piece screams quality! Team with a pair of Louboutins and a G & T in hand and you are all there. oh yes darling! Jardin Des Orangers £177

Vanessa Bruno Cowl Neck Sweater - Who said knitwear couldn't be sexy? All you need is a yummy tan and some gorgous collar bones, and there you go - classy AND sexy :-)  -Vanessa Bruno £205

Philip Lim Ribbon-Tie Cocoon Cardigan - It's in the name... This Philip Lim cardigan is positively stunning! With it's cute ribbon ties, well it's almost another Blair Waldorf ensemble (But then again so is the price) - Philip Lim £345 


Fits like a Glove...

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 4:47AM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

The glove season is coming to town... Along with Santa of course... Gloves, if worn correctly can really add the chic-factor to an average looking outfit. Who doesn't love a bit of old-school driving glove glamour? Just imagine driving through the frosty English countryside in your convertible Jaguar, completed by scarf clad hair, big sunglasses  and the perfect little leather glove?

Here are my favourite gloves for A/W 09:

Forzieri Italian Leather Gloves - Powder room gorgeousness is what these gloves remind me off with their beautiful dusty colour. The bow detail makes them even more femininely edible, and worthy of any Blair Waldorf outfit circa Gossip Girl season 2. Forzieri £88

All Saints Pearl Gloves - Add some biker-glamour with these pretty, shiny, hardcore (in a cute way) gloves. Soft to the touch as well as the eye, you cannot go wrong with these examplars of absolute perfection. All Saints £45

Vivienne Westwood Black Leather Gloves - What can I say? We all need a bit of Vivienne in our lives! Vivienne Westwood £135

Forzieri Stitched Grey Leather Gloves - The longer length of these gloves means that they will look fantastic with any cropped or 3/4 length sleeves. The stitching detail adds a little bit of interest to these quality leather gloves - Forzieri £110

Fred Perry Snow White Gloves. Childhood gloves with a fashion twist. Maximum cosy factor willbe achieved with these winter warmers. Enjoy! Fred Perry £25


Dress To Impress...

Sun, 11/29/2009 - 1:10PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

It's party time! Us lovely ladies always have a packed social calendar at this time of year, which means that we can never have enough beautiful party dresses. So many parties so little time!

Here are my favourites:

Oasis Digital Print Maxi Dress - This dress is beautifully colourful yet simple! It is the print that does all the talking while the simple maxi dress shape allows a definite touch of class to shine through! Oasis £130

 Vero Moda Sequin Dress - Sparkles make me happy! Like fairy lights.... No need to say anything else. I love it! Vero Moda £50

  Ghost Dress at House of Fraser - This dress is simply flapperlicious! I love the dusty pinky beige colour, just like powder! Will look amazing with a bit of a tan (no umpa lumpa look alikes please!). Ghost £180

Aftershock Sequin Dress - This little number fits in perfectly with my normal colour palette! It reminds me of a perfect glass of bubbly - obviously an ideal choice for this season's celebrations. Aftershock £219

 Asos Body Con Dress - I love flattering shapes. Anything that will make me look a bit thinner can only be good, and this dress is sure to do just that. Asos £43

 Asos Studded Metallic Dress - Team this sexy little shiny dress with a cool blazer and you are on your way! Asos £180 


If The Shoe Fits...

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 12:45PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

The party season is here folks! woop woop! It is therefore time to discuss shoes... About time!!! Now we all know that heels are the way to go if we want to look like proper hotties! They make our legs look slimmer and bums look firmer. What more could you want? Now if it was up to me, my shoe wardrobe would be full of fabulous labels. However having spent all my dosh on bags earlier, I have to hold back just a little on my shoe budget..... Well I will try....

Here are my favourite enourmously high heeled shoes! Oh Yes!

Carvella Galicia Platform Courts - Now, anyone who know me remotely well knows that I'm a complete sucker for the ever fabulous Chuck Bass.... Yuuuum.... And Chuck's absolute favourite object of desire, is the ever lovely Blair Waldorf. I therefore believe that she is a perfectly worthy style reference and that these shoes are just made for her! Obviously she wouldn't buy these because of the inexpenisve price tag, but they would never the less look amazing on her. Carvela  £90

Carvela Patent Slingback - These shoes definitely have the Sex-Factor! Need I say more? Carvela £130

Kurt Geiger Kiwi Snake-Effect Platform shoes - These are definitely going to give anyone pins to die for! I love them! Thankfully, the platform means that they won't be that impossible to walk in. I would still bring a pair of flats in my bag for the walk home though... Kurt Geiger £140


Winter's Bag of Tricks

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 4:47AM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

The idea of a "handbag" is really coming into focus this season, as the best bags of Autumn/Winter 09 tend to be hand-held. As a typical winter wardrobe usually consist of many grey, black and navy garments, it is always nice to be able to add a splash of colour or texture through accessory choices.This is excatly why one must allow themselves to spend a little extra on bags... After all they can make an inexpensive outfit look expensive or vice versa, so it's time to invest!

Here are a few of my favourite bags for this season:

Jimmy Choo Candy Acrylic Clutch - I absolutely love this clutch! It's one of those bags who makes an outfit. It's so pretty and shiny that it could be good enough to eat! Bon Appetit! Jimmy Choo £295

Vivienne Westwood Ebury Oversized Clutch - Another shiny number, this beautiful patent clutch can polish off any outfit, as well as adding a bit of a rock n' roll twist with the massive Vivienne Westwood logo. It is also one for making us gorgeous ladies look fragile and dainty due to it's larger-than-life size. Oh my! Vivienne Westwood £350

Marc Jacobs Busy Logo Flap Bag - This bag is just the right size for any activity!... Well maybe not hiking or camping... It is the most delicious coral-orange colour and as soft as a baby's bottom! Marc Jacobs £397

The 125 Jaeger Bag - This is a bag that will inject a little bit of class into every outfit. It is also a bag that will never ever ever date! It is classic in both style and colour and will lats a gazillion years! Jaeger £349




A Coat Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Wed, 11/18/2009 - 2:34PM by amalielyneborg 0 Comments -

In previous years, I have tended to struggle to find fantastic winter coats at half decent prices. However this season seems to be bursting at the seam with beautiful, cosy investment pieces. The classic shapes are out in force, witnessing a return of some all- time favourites that you can be sure will always have a place in fashion winter wonderland. And who said that the recession was all bad?

<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>  Quilted - This classic, country chic coat takes me back to the days of my mother's Henri Lloyd jackets (that have now been aquired by my wardrobe! Ssssh don't tell her!). This lovely example can be found on ASOS.com at a very reasonable £45. Not bad for a closet stable!

Duffel Coat - This pretty little navy number is another definite classic. Elements of Paddington are clearly reflected in this New Look duffel coat, all you need is a pair of wellies and a jam sandwich! Even though it won't break the bank at £70, it is still a style that will see you through many winters to come.

The Camel Coat - This coat is one that comes with certain staying power, and will add class to almost any outfit. This is the kind of coat that I have invested in for the season because I love the sense of expense that it instantly adds. My one is from Zara, however here is another great example from Marks and Spencer's at £89 

 The Faux Fur Coat - This type of coat can be seen in almost every highstreet outlet at the moment, which means that there is a real danger of blending into the crowd with this style. That is why I have chosen this black piece from ASOS as it separates  itself from most of the other fur coats available. This coat will effortlessly transform itself from a day piece to a dressy night piece. R.R.P £165 

The Double Breasted Tweed Coat - This is a piece that really tackles two trends in one; the double breasted shape, adds the idea of masculinity and the tweed material is of course a winter staple. Overall, this coat is another example that could fit in your wardrobe perfectly for years. This one is from Urban Outfitters and costs £120

Military Cape - I love this cape! It is one of those pieces that can make the simplest of outfits look fashionable in such an effortless way. What more can I say? Available from ASOS now at £30!! Reduced from £80